Spring/Summer 2023

Brutalist journey – Timeless pieces in the name of sustainability

The spring-summer 2023 collection is inspired by the dominant architectural trends of the ’60s and ’70s, with a strong emphasis on the divisive Brutalist architecture. The buildings of the movement strongly break the rhythm of the downtown mansions of Budapest’s golden age, providing a defining framework for the current cityscape.

The emphasis on raw materials and their functional use, as well as the presence of strict, sometimes oversized forms, all guide our attention, showing the direction of continuous development.


The contrasts that characterise the style, expressed primarily in colours and shapes, have also become the cornerstones of the upcoming collection. Washed pastel shades and the brand’s signature tailoring methodes are carried through the spring-summer collection, true to the principles of slow fashion, taking the vibrant new spring vivid colours by the arm and offering a fresh perspective.

Photographed in the concrete building of the OKISZ Incubator House, the campaign focuses on pure beauty, emphasising the individual character of each woman with its simplicity. Entering such a monumental historic building, the scents and colours immediately draw you in, and your memories of your youth begin to play like a film before your eyes. Photographs of what remains to be preserved, the surviving panelling, upholstery, furniture, colours and materials all speak of harmony, linking the past with the present.