Spring/Summer 2022

Harmony intertwines with confidence – The ‘Woman Seven Times’ collection debuts

Nowadays, there are so many societal issues that are persistently changing and deeply affecting women, and their lives. PLIÉ’s ‘Woman Seven Times’ collection embraces many aspects of the world and the collective consciousness of the society in which we live.

On the surface, we can think of the modern, 21st century woman, who has an amazing ability to transform and play multiple roles, who can change several times in a day to adapt to all he situation that comes her way. Weekdays, festive dinners, me-time, moments with children, business – she is the epitome of adaptation.

If we look beneath the surface, we can see that our days are coloured and painted by a multitude of emotions that lives in a symbiosis with our daily roles. Our appearance, the dress we choose, all reflect the current state of mind and emotions.

The colours and shapes of PLIÉ’s SS22 collection are inspired by the diversity and euphony of emotions, harmonised by the archaic image of femininity.

The campaign was shot by the Erkel Theatre, a place of artistic fulfilment and happiness. The colours and soft poetic forms of Aurél Bernáth’s beautiful frescoes, which set the everlasting emotianl state of the building, evoke that crucial sensibility to which we so long to return with this collection.